Yoga for Healing Review: Is Your Body Getting Stronger Over Time?

Though I rarely write reviews, I had to share my experience of the ‘Yoga for Healing’ program by Tera Bucasas simply because I’m in awe of how effective her program was for my personal development.

For folks looking for a gentle introduction to Yoga and its many benefits, this can be a brilliant start.

Before I share with my experience with this course, I would like to tell you my story.

Growing up in Mexico, my childhood wasn’t an easy one. I come from a broken home, a dysfunctional family where nobody had time for each other. Being the only child, I grew up in constant fear and guilt about my future.

Deep seeded resentment towards my parents, a sense of guilt within me as I found myself somehow responsible for everything that happened, and a constant feeling of unhappiness loomed over me for most of my childhood.

As I carried on this pattern to my adult life, I found that my broken self manifested the pain in all the other aspects of my life- my relationships with people, the way I felt about myself, my career and my marriage.

The sad child within me needed love and acceptance, but I kept shunning her, too busy to listen to her needs and take care of her.

Honestly, I did not know what living a wholesome life felt like until I started my Yoga practice.

Why Yoga?


Yoga is an ancient Indian science which involves techniques like control of your breath, meditation and incorporates specific bodily postures aiming for relaxation of the mind, body, and spirit.

People practice Yoga for different reasons.

A need for flexibility, to stay fit and reduce stress – all these have been reasons why people choose to practice Yoga.

Apart from benefits like stress relief, fitness and flexibility, Yoga offers much more. Yoga brings in a sense of calm, a sense of detachment from suffering and an ecstasy in spirit, which can only be experienced.

Practitioners of Yoga find their patience levels increase, and are able to make quicker and more accurate decisions.

Yoga offers the gifts of self-realization, self-acceptance, and self-actualization.

You truly understand your true nature, become much aware of what your strengths and weaknesses are, and gain a sense of authenticity.

Understanding yourself, and accepting you for who you are become second nature to you, as you embrace yourself and everyone around you with arms of kindness.

Yoga also brings a sense of purpose in life, a sense of direction and steadiness to work on your chosen path.

Health benefits of Yoga


Apart from mental benefits, the health benefits are numerous.

Health ailments are merely a manifestation of mental blocks, and as you become mentally whole again, the physical ailments start gradually disappearing.

Yoga Asanas can cure almost any physical ailment or condition, or at least make it much better.

Yoga helps patients with heart disease, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, insomnia, obesity, asthma, chronic pain, tiredness and fatigue, constipation and much more.

Being in the present


Yoga is very much about being in the present moment, enjoying and savoring this moment before it goes by.

Yoga time can safely be your personal time where you can permit yourself to be completely yourself, soak up as much peace as needed, be still and allow the stillness to take over you.

Mindfulness or being in the now is simply to be aware of what is and let go of what was or what might be.

At the core of Yoga practice is mindfulness, and it can change the way you look at life.

How being mindful can change your life

What do you think is the main reason for all of our problems?

What causes us so much of anxiety, fear, and sorrow?

We waste our precious time pondering about what could have been and what might happen in the future, knowing very well that these things are not in our control.

We waste precious time grieving over split milk and holding grudges over things said and done.

Just for a moment, imagine how life would be if you were present only in the moment, truly accepting and appreciating what you have now.

With no worries about the future and no regrets for the past, imagine a life where you live just for the moment.

Mindfulness can truly change you as a person; it can lift the veils of darkness and propel you into a wonderful world, where you truly learn to live and let go.

You will find that you understand yourself and other people better, your relationships improve drastically, and you become a source of joy, comfort, and support for everyone around you.

The Yoga for Healing program by Tera Bucasas

Yoga For Healing

When I came across this program, I wasn’t very sure of whether I should buy this program.

But as I explored more about the program on the product site and its reviews, I felt something inside of me propelling me to go buy this program.

The clarity with which Tera explains why Yoga is such a treat to the spirit, the personal connection she made with that initial video, and the conviction with which she promises to be there for her students, touched me and I knew this one was different.

Though the cost was a pretty large amount for me at that time, I wanted to take this chance.

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My experience with the course

As soon as the payment was done, I received my user credentials for logging into the Yoga for Healing portal, where I had access to all of Tera’s Yoga videos.

The course comprises of seven videos, all about 40-60 minutes in length.

These seven videos explore so much more than just physical exercise.

With each video, Tera explains the right posture, additional details you would need to know, the common mistakes and all the precautionary steps needed to perform the Asana.

Along with this, she also goes deep into the mental aspect, much beyond physical relaxation. She focuses on healing the system as a whole- the mind, body, and spirit.

Along with the seven videos, I got a 25-page workbook, as a guide for my Yoga practice.

The workbook contains:

Posture List and Modification videos:

Tera takes utmost care to make sure that students do not injure themselves during their practice.

This module contains modification videos and a bunch of safety tips for the beginner Yoga student.

Modifications for all postures as well as contraindications are included here.

Focus Sheet:

Each yoga practice video has a focus sheet which gives a detailed picture on the physical and deeper focus areas for the practice and the benefits associated.


Each yoga practice video comes with a journal sheet. This journal sheet helps record your personal experience with respect to the Yoga practice and also helps self-introspection on your journey to self-awareness.

Through the Yoga sessions


The experience through the Yoga for healing program has been life-changing.

Every Yoga practice felt special like it had been designed just for me, and Tera made it much easier to go through the practice.

Every practice video has Tera suggesting alternatives, tips, and techniques, for a comfortable and enriching session.

Her lively nature makes the videos all the more fun and exciting, and you are inspired to get to the end. She suggests the use of daily life props but in an effective way.

For me, learning Yoga has never been so uplifting and rejuvenating.

All through the seven series course, Tera maintains a smooth flow, gracefully transitioning from one Yoga pose.

Two weeks into the Yoga practice, my mental health was beginning to show improvement, and I was finally beginning to feel good about myself.

I began to respond rather than reacting to situations and people, and this changed the way I felt about myself. Rather than feeling guilty about lashing out at someone, I would feel proud of myself for having responded with care.

I began to understand people and situations more clearly and was able to avoid negative situations before they had the better of me.

Taking life into my own hands, gave me the responsibility to be aware of my actions and words.

My life has been improving day by day, and I attribute it to my Yoga and mindfulness practice sessions.

Keeping a Journal


Keeping a journal to record my experiences, has really made a huge difference in the way I feel about myself.

I have been able to set bigger goals and make significant progress towards them.

Recording my experiences through my Yoga practice has helped me know and learn more about my body more than I ever knew all these days.

This activity gives me an idea about the rate at which I am making progress and can’t help feeling proud of how far I have managed to come.

This has played an important role in my healing process as well.

I am able to vent my frustrations onto paper, instead of simply lashing out at someone. This makes me feel less guilty about being frustrated, and I enjoy my much-deserved peace of mind.

This has been a great outlet for my thoughts, emotions and noteworthy observations through my Yoga practice.

Pros and Cons of Yoga for Healing:


  • Genuine, caring Yoga instructor
  • Great Yoga Asanas to uplift your physical and mental well-being
  • Fun, lively and easy-to-follow videos
  • Deeper focus on healing with each Yoga practice
  • Great Focus sheets to summarize the focus areas and benefits
  • Encourages the act of journal recording, a must-do activity in our busy lives.
  • Has a 60-day money back guarantee


  • This is a paid course.
  • Yoga practice produces results that are slow and steady.
  • All video content can be viewed online. There is no download option for the videos.


All in all, the experience of immersing myself in something as wonderful as Yoga, has been a fresh, rejuvenating experience.

Yoga has not only helped me with my physical issues but has enabled in me a great internal healing.

Journal writing has helped me get in touch with my true emotions and helped me find my true self again.

My relationship with people has improved, especially my parents. They are happy to see the old, happy me, and have promised to be mindful of their behavior themselves.


The inner child in me has now begun to heal, as she gets to talk to me often and has a loving shoulder to lean on.

I truly feel as though I have got a second chance at life, and now I fully embrace each day life gives me.  I have never felt more grateful and in love with life.

I write this review after spending 6 months practicing Tera’s Yoga Asanas. The process has been slow, but definitely rewarding. I wish that this review benefits people in similar situations as I was, to find new ground in life, and to help leave the past behind and start a fresh chapter.

The experience of Yoga is mystical, and cannot be expressed in mere words. It must be experienced in order to be felt.

I will keep my practice going for the rest of my life since these Yoga sessions feel no less than a treat to the spirit!

May the light of Yoga bring peace and love into your lives!

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  1. A need for flexibility, to stay fit and reduce stress for this these yoga is the best option to get help.The experience through the Yoga for healing program has been life-changing for me.thanks to the author for writing this great review and helping us out.

  2. you don’t really have to run anywhere or follow fad diets. You just have to be at peace with your inner self. At least that is how true it is for me. I actually bought the product reviewed here. I tried it and gained much better mind and body coordination. You don’t need fancy moves and strenous exercise.

  3. Melissa R. Scott

    The payment is very much worth it. The program helps me deals with stress and other negative things that I encounter every day. They teach me to divert my energy to something more productive and better than to duel with the negative things that are thrown my way. I’m so happy to be introduced to this program!

  4. Can anything be better than Yoga? I tell you NOT.
    Yoga for Healing is one of the best programs around to deal with a messed up lifestyle and live a much healthier life. It has made me a better person with time. Highly recommend to anybody looking for a much healthier and stress-free life.

  5. Luigi Dengler

    Yoga for Healing allows me to exercise at whatever level I need to on any given day – from just breathing & stretching to a full yoga workout. It is very informative and gives detailed instructions on each stance and how to do it. It has soothing background music and is very relaxing.

  6. Yoga is always helpful to the human body as well as the mind. But we must be sure that we are doing it correctly. Otherwise, it can be harmful. This article helped me know about the program and I am following that guide. It is more useful and amazing than I thought.

  7. Martin J. Driskell

    The Yoga for healing program is the best i have ever used. I have seen many programs but this one is special. The author seeks to make sure that everything is well understood. Provides the kind of tips you will not find anywhere about yoga. I like how the guide is presented. Not just giving random tips and that all. It walks with you step by step into applying the methods provided until you get everything right.

  8. This is not something that you can just get from anywhere. Yoga is not a simple area. It is a tricky and a complex that needs a lot of care when handling. This is why i believe that this is the best guide. The author of the program really understand what yoga is all about and handles all the content he provides in a professional manner. I liked it and it is the best.

  9. I never had a doubt that yoga has the ability to cure not only your body, but also your mind. And this program is the best guide for that.

  10. Gordon Wilkerson

    Yoga for Healing makes it so easy to adapt to your current ability, even changing daily (since we all know with AI disease things can change from moment to moment). Tera has planned it right into the program, allowing you to modify, focus on areas of your body where you feel more capable, or even just quietly work on breathing while attempting to bring your mind closer to a healing focus.

  11. Kristina Espino

    This book was written to help people get the best out of life by getting exactly what they want through yoga by exercising and getting the whole method. You will learn all the tips and tricks that are used and they will help you achieve the best out of life.
    This PDF eBook has a revolutionary and albeit not so mainstream idea about how you can turn your life around by doing yoga and what you need, you will get it with minimal stress and maximum or optimal results.

  12. Mildred Moya

    These are yoga tips that i am so much convinced it is difficult to find them anywhere. They are special because the author works with you. Which makes it really easy to apply every step. I like it.

  13. Suzanne Hunter

    Yoga for Healing makes it so easy to adapt to your current ability, even changing daily (since we all know with AI disease things can change from moment to moment). Tera has planned it right into the program, allowing you to modify, focus on areas of your body where you feel more capable, or even just quietly work on breathing while attempting to bring your mind closer to a healing focus.

  14. I have been physically deconditioned for many years due to multiple health conditions. I have tried many therapies and feel that a lot of therapists do NOT understand fibromyalgia. I flared after every short session and became very depressed and lacked hope.

  15. Christopher Norman

    It is all about yoga. And for sure this is the best system i have ever come across. It is more than unique. Good training. I like how it works for sure.

  16. Yolanda Bailey

    Simple, clear and useful ways yoga is healing. As a yoga teacher, this book will be a valuable resource to analyze and address common conditions my students frequently bring to class.

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