Ultimate Online Tarot Reading Course Review: What Do They Mean?



Tarot Cards is a package of 78 cards comprising of four groups of 14 cards each (named the minor arcana) and often split into:

  • Wants
  • Cups
  • Swords
  • Pentacles

Fairy tale sword

The pack also has a separate trump card group of 22 cards (the major arcana). There are many types of tarot cards packs, so the group may vary depending on the kind of kit you have. Tarot cards are mostly used for divination (to tell the future).

Each card symbolizes a different meaning, and the cards should be interpreted based on the particular situation at the time of reading the cars. The cards are meant to help you to tap into your intuition and the wisdom the energy of the universe around you.


TAROT CARD MEANING: sample cards

The Fool tarot card

This card represents unlimited potential. The card does not any particular place in the sequence of the tarot cards. The fool can come at the beginning of the Major Arcana or the end of the series. The fool is seen at the start of this his journey with unlimited potential. The sun rising behind him is the representation of his journey. He is facing North West.

This is the director of the unknown. He is facing towards the sky; the spirit.

Man in the sky

He has all the resources that he needs in the bag that he carries, but he has not opened the bag yet. He has a white rose in both his hands that represent innocence and purity. He has a little white dog that will be his guardian and will protect him in his journey.

Upright fool tarot card

A vertical fool tarot card will indicate the following

  • It shows that you have the highest potential in your life at the moment.
  • It represents the beginning of:
    • Creativity
    • Adventure
    • Accomplishments of new goals
  • The card represents the need to start a new journey will completely unknown and uncharted
  • You need to take a leap of faith and venture into new experiences, and adventures.
  • The card represents choices that need to be made, and wisdom is required to make the decisions.
  • The card demands that you believe in yourself and follow the desires of your heart no matter how irrational they may appear.
  • The fool card expresses a whole person who is healthy and without fear. He represents the spirit of wonder and curiosity wonder, awe curiosity, adventure, and anticipation. It represents the ability to go on unhindered taken chances.

Sinking ship

Conclusion: The Fool card comes in handy when one is experiencing fear, and uncertainty in their lives. The cards encourage one to take risks and be creative to charter new areas in your life.

Reversed Fool tarot card

What does the card suggest?

  • You are acting in total disregard of the consequences that your actions may attract.
  • You are indeed acting like a fool
  • You are living in the moment, and you are neglecting to plan ahead
  • You are reckless
  • You should beware of entering into deals whose consequences you do not fully understand.
  • Be cautious of the deals is too good to be true
  • Do due diligence on the opportunities that come your way.
  • Do not go for the most enticing offer because things are often not what they appear.
  • Be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of you so that they do not take you by surprise.
  • Do your research when walking into critical events like job interviews, job applications, presentation, and work meetings.

It represents relationships that are highly uncertain, potentially changeable. It is going to be very spontaneous and very unpredictable. It is a dangerous relationship.

 Start the Tarot Card.

Naked woman

The star card reveals a naked woman who is kneeling at the edge of a small beautiful pool. The woman holds two water containers. She is pouring the water out of one of the containers to nourish the earth to continue the cycle of her fertility. The vegetation around her represents this. The other container has water coming out in five rivulets.

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These streams represent her five senses. The one foot on the ground represents her natural abilities and common sense. The foot in water represents her inherent capabilities and intuition; her ability to listen to her inner voice. The star that shines very brightly behind her, surrounded by other smaller stars. It represents her chakras; the need to open then and cleanse her aura.

All the stars have eight sharp points. These represent number 8. Number eight represents strength. Strength is the quality that you need to accept your shortcomings and treasure yourself. The bird in the tree behind her is the sacred ibis of thought. The tree represents the mind. The Astrological star of the star is Aquarius.


Upright Star tarot card

  • The card represents a new beginning; renewed hope that you are blessed at this time. It represents courage, fulfillment, and inspiration that are present in your life at this movement.
  • The card is advising you to have faith and love in the universe. You are being encouraged that you are entering a phase of love, deep energy understanding of yourself and mental stability. The stars means:
    • A better future than the life you have had awaits you.
    • You have gone through a phase of challenges and hardships but they all now over.
    • You should have to abandon your past and embrace forgiveness.
    • You have made a contract with your inner self and found the strength to let go of damaging memories, hatred, bitterness, revenge, envy.
    • It, therefore, means that you should look forward to new ideas.
  • You should have a strong desire to embrace the changes in your life.
  • Be ready to go through a deeper spiritual journey which will bring more peace and calmness into your life.
  • Your life ahead will be much more satisfying than your previous life.
  • You will have renewed self-esteem and increase trust in yourself and the decisions that you will make.
  • You will attain a goal that will bring lasting happiness, which will enhance your reputation.
  • You should be ready to share your wealth and blessings with others.

Conclusion: The star is most appropriate when you have gone through a period of setbacks, negative feedback, and opposition; leading to a damaged self-esteem

Reversed Star tarot card

A reversed star card shows that your life journey is distorted.

You are:

  • Defeated and discouraged instead of being positive
  • You are dwelling too much on harmful things.
  • If you continue in this state, you will get overwhelmed and will have to concede defeat in your life.
  • You should locate the cause of your discouragement and work hard to move past that. The sources of depression could be work, relationships, hobbies or personal projects that are not going the way you would like to.
  • It could indicate loss of faith in an individual situation
  • It means you need reassurance about some decisions that you have made.

Essential reading techniques

  • Shuffle your pack the cards as long as you like. When you think you are ready:
  • Lay three cards facing upwards
  • The card in the center is you as at now. It represents your current situation, your behavior, your deserts, and your challenge.
  • The card on the left represents what you need to let go of. This could be an approach, a habit, a person or anything in your life at the moment that is not working in your favor.
  • The card on the right is the advice. It could be new energy that you need to bring in your life, a new approach that you need to do to move forward.
  • Do not give up if you do not get it right away. Take your time to do your research.
  • Note down the information about each card. Look at the cards from all angles.
  • Finally, see if you can summarize the message you are getting from the cards.

Ultimate online tarot cards reading the course

The program is a revolutionary, unique approach to learning the Tarot cards. It is a complete course. You will successfully learn everything you need to know about the Tarot cards. The only thing you need to do is to provide a pack of tarot cards.

The pdf is designed and target to a whole beginning although it can be of help to intermediate students the program utilizes a multimedia technology to teach you about the cards, you will be able to turn card reading into economic activity.

Brigit Esselmont

Biddy is a professional tarot reader for fifteen years. She has also had an online presence in the tarot community for a long time. Her peers praise her meticulous skill for developing workable tarots spreads that are unique and spectacular.

Her spreads are worked and reworked and retested until they are proved to be entirely useful. Biddy presents her card meanings in a clear, brief manner while at the same time declaring that her book is not to be “be all and end all” of tarot meaning. She admits that tarot cards take on different meanings depending on the reading.

That is the reason why the method is a ‘guide’ the ‘ultimate’ means that it is comprehensive. Considering the tarot card reading is very broad, Biddy uses only the Rider – Waite Smith deck. There are other systems like

  • Tarot de Marseilles
  • Thoth
  • While similar

All these systems have their meaning associations that differ from RWS. The book has links that take you directly to Biddy’s website, email, Facebook and Twitter. Biddy gives a brief introduction to numerology, reading with reversals, and reading tarot combinations before she goes into the card meanings. Biddy includes preference chart for the primary and each suit of the Minor Arcana.

The program includes a workbook in which Biddy encourages you to create your ultimate guide to Tarot card meanings. It is already formatted, and your only responsibility is to work with the cards and allow your intuition and figure out what the cards mean to you. The workbook comes at an extra 9.50

What you will get from the course

  • A complete digital accelerated learning system which guarantees that you will not only learn quickly but also easily and remember the meanings of all the 78 tarot cards.
  • When you buy the eBook, you will get five downloadable MP3 meditators that come with binaural beats. These will help you to be effortless put you to in the best frame of mind to subconsciously absorb the spoken meanings of all the cards. You can use the medication anywhere and conveniently.
  • When you buy the eBook, a video was demonstrating to you how to layout and read the Celtic cross spread. You can watch it as many times as you want until Celtic cross spread comes naturally to you.
  • You will get a digital video showing you how to practice three-card spreads so that you can provide in-depth answers to whatever additional questions that you be asked.

Why you should join the program

  • Learning to an intricate meaning of all the 78 cards in a Tarot deck and remembering them is tough.
  • It is easy for one to give up learning about the tarot cards if learning is not made easy.
  • The creaking economy is producing a lot of personal problems for the ordinary person.
  • The numbers of people who are desperately looking for guidance on their future from seers, psychics, and cards readers are on a steady rise.
  • There is a shortage of card readers with the night training, creating a huge deficit in the market that is reeling with demand.

Why the ultimate guide?

  • A review of the course shows that you will be able to observe the videos and learn what you need to do. You can watch the videos as many times as you want until you absorb the technique.
  • In addition to observing you will be able to hear what the instructor is saying. You can listen to the video and also in the separate audio files that come with the program. You can, therefore, listen to the program wherever you are.
  • You will be able to read all about tarot cards through the detailed online reports, which are designed in very easy to read pdf formats.
  • You will be able to combine the visual, the audio, the reading, and hands-on techniques as you follow as long the instructor.
  • The technique comes with a brain wave entertaining technology which will propel you to learn quickly internalizing and remembering everything has been made very easy.

Brainwave Entertainment

Brainwave entertainment involves the teaching or instructing in a muscular environmental. The brain gets latched on measured rhythmic, drumming sounds. The brains activity is lowered to match the frequency of the beats in the music. The mind is put in a wonderfully relaxed meditative state through a sophisticated audit technology.

The music takes a calm, tranquil place of mind. In this state of mind, the creator of the program will very quietly read you through the meanings of the cards. Your mind is in a perfect position to internalize the information. Your mind will retain all the information and go will quickly remember it all in the future.

Purchase policy

  • After the acquisition of the pdf, you have 60days to try out the product. If you are completely satisfied with the information, or if for some other reason you cannot continue to learn, write to the creator of the program.
  • You purchase price will be returned to you immediately and in full. You will not be asked any questions. The policy does don’t contain any hidden clauses.
  • The guarantee is underwritten by PayPal, meaning that your money is doubly guaranteed. It is entirely risk-free, and you have nothing to lose


Woman and the dog

There were a lot of positive reviews on the program. The one thing all every review brought out is the fact that Bright is an expert in tarot cards. Many reviews felt the product helped them. Indeed both beginners and intermediate card readers appreciated the pdf.

The program was rated highly and there is no possibility that it is a scam. Also, Brigit is very respected by other card readers who unanimously agree that she knows all about cards. They felt that should not create a book that was a scam.

Learn from the Ultimate Online Tarot Reading Course today, and you’ll finally know how to interpret what all the cards mean and what messages you’re receiving!

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  1. Okay, I always visit a fortune teller every time I feel I need to do some decision making on a current problem. I’m always curious how a person can tell the meaning by just looking at the cards briefly. And so, I researched and found this! It finally makes sense now.

  2. Wayne Larson

    Never thought tarot reading can be so easy! My experience from the program was delightful, it has aid me to read my future and guide me throughout the journey. Now, I don’t have to visit a fortune teller every time I need guidance.
    So, for every person who wants to learn the nooks of tarot reading, this program is a done deal!

  3. Woah! This is such a huge insight. I never found such details about tarot anywhere else.

  4. I’m quite satisfied with the program. To be completely honest, I never really believed in these things, but now I’m kind of addicted to them.

  5. I have always been interested in tarot cards. I want to take it seriously and use it to help myself and others. I was struggling to find good instruction until I read your review. This course has received many positive reviews and you can see why. It is professionally done and extremely comprehensive. You will improve your tarot reading skills almost immediately.

  6. A lot of people who already bought the product are very satisfied with the results that they are getting from it. After they have learned all the techniques they all became an effective tarot reader.

  7. It is a product i am honestly satisfied with. I have nothing against all its methods. So, i am more than free to use it again and again.

  8. Rachel Wilkinson

    The course shows you how you can set up your table like an experienced psychic. This will not only improve the general outlook but increase people’s trust in your abilities.

  9. You will be able to learn through watching, listening, reading and actually doing. We have put an electrifying new twist on Tarot card reading that will make you one of the most dynamic Tarot card readers imaginable.

  10. You will be able to learn through watching, listening, reading and actually doing. We have put an electrifying new twist on Tarot card reading that will make you one of the most dynamic Tarot card readers imaginable.

  11. Salvador McClain

    You will be able to learn through watching, listening, reading and actually doing. We have put an electrifying new twist on Tarot card reading that will make you one of the most dynamic Tarot card readers imaginable.

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