The Journey Review: Ho’Oponopono Phrases & Sounds That Work?

Have you ever heard of Ho’oponopono?

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If you haven’t – this might be quite a riddle for to pronounce. Or even if you have heard the word before – it is still difficult to say in a normal speech, to be honest 🙂

But, frankly speaking, it is never the word that matters, but what is behind it. The actual meaning. Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian art of healing.

Oh, now things can start making sense to you. The Hawaiians love a tricky name of two, right? But no matter how different our languages can be, the whole art that the word represents really is something that should be recognized worldwide.

Right now it is considered to be quite an exotic technique. But mark my words – in a couple of years the whole world will be using the Hawaiian art of healing. Just because it is incredible and effective.

Today I present to you one out of many healing techniques that will surely be changing your life for the better.

The Journey – a unique Ho’oponopono clearing.

Become the best version of youself with this audio!

Oh, I forgot to mention one important thing for those that are quite new here – when we are talking about ‘healing’, we actually mean both physical and mental heal. As we know, everything in our body is connected. By influencing our body, we are also influencing our body and the other way round.

What The Journey has to offer to you today – is a unique Hawaiian clearing technique that functions with the help of the sounds of water that has a cleansing effect. So, let’s chat a little about water…

It is something that we simply can’t live without. Something that surrounds us practically everywhere. It is a well-known fact that the surface of our planet is approximately 70% water. And so are we, human beings, made out of the water on more than seventy percent.

It may sound quite ridiculous when you think about it. How can something so intelligent and stiff actually be mostly water? But it is actually a great fact. Because of the amazing features, this type of liquid possesses.

A couple of years ago a completely surreal experiment has been held.

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Scientists simply turned on different types of music and then studied the structure of water. With every different song – the structure had changed. This was a shock to everyone. Water can hear? Moreover, it can even express through its structure, if it likes the song or not. Amazing…

Knowing that, and taking into consideration that most of our body is water, we can come to a conclusion that what we listen to is extremely important for our whole well-being. Because depending on the sounds that surround us, all the molecules of water inside us will change their structure. If the structure is good – we feel good. If you want all of this scientific material to be explained only in one simple sentence 😉

That is exactly why The Journey has water sounds incorporated into the music. After all, water certainly like to hear other water, right?

But before getting to know the program a bit better, it is always a good idea to meet the creator. What inspired him to design the program? Who is that man? Let’s find out together!

Meet Mathew Dixon – a guitar monk and the creator of The Journey.

Become the best version of youself with this audio!

Mathew Dixon has years of experience. It is his actual job to create ‘tunes’ that can provide you with relaxation and make your overall mental state better. But when he accidentally stumbled into the idea of using water sounds in the Ho’oponopono practice, he was blown away by the results. Let’s review what we are talking about here…

It was just an ordinary yet wonderful day. Mathew Dixon had just had his usual morning walk and was about to return home. It was a bit warmer out on the street and the humidity was high, that’s why Mathew couldn’t wait to come back to his conditioned apartment. But then it started to rain. Just a couple of drops at first and then a small rain.

The sounds of the little drops hitting the ground the illusion of a water curtain – all this seemed magical at that moment. Mathew Dixon even didn’t want to get backhoe any longer. But then a little voice somewhere in the back of his head started talking. Use the sound of the water…

Use this sound for cleansing.

Mathew thought that it was a silly idea, at first. But the voice kept on talking to him and talking. Use the sounds of water in your music. What a strange idea… But then Mathew remembered. Remembered how he instantly reached for his guitar, when the rain would start. He subconsciously felt that he has to accompany the sounds of the drops…

This is how the idea of The Journey was born. Since then, Mathew Dixon recorded not only guitar music accompanied by the rain. But also the waterfall, the babbling brook, and the ocean.

Does The Journey Really Work?

Become the best version of youself with this audio!

The right question to ask would be not ´does this thing really work?’, but rather ‘how does it work?’.

Because with stuff like this program it is incredibly difficult to actually measure the result. I mean, it is not a fitness routine, where you can check how many inches you have lost at your waist.
Here the change has to be coming somewhere from the inside of you. From your core and soul. That’s why you either feel it or you don’t.

Let’s review what exactly The Journey represents:

  • You will hear the bass guitar which is the foundation of the music. It represents the ‘please forgive me’ phrase. The truth is that forgiveness is the first step in the clearing process. Whether you are asking for forgiveness someone you know or even your very own self – it doesn’t matter. The bass guitar will help you liberate yourself.
  • The right channel guitar represents the phrase ‘I’m sorry’. It is best heard in headphones, so don’t hesitate to use those. Apologizing doesn’t always mean that you did something wrong. It also doesn’t mean that you have to say sorry only if you have a feeling of guilt. This will actually help you clean even more data.
  • Left channel guitar that represents ‘thank you’. It is also best heard in headphones. Expressing gratitude is an extremely powerful emotion. Being grateful for something or to someone is one of the most wonderful sensations. And it also opens your spirit to accepting the Divine inspiration.
  • A centered guitar that can be heard about all of them, of course, ‘I love you’. Love is one of the strongest things in the universe. If not the most. And it is such a deep and different feeling. It can be expressed and felt not only towards your partner, but also to your family, to the things that you do and, most importantly, to yourself. Without love, human beings do not exist.

That’s the Ho’oponopono mantra. And the author admits that when he went down to his studio to record all of this – he felt like everything was in the right place. The guitars, the water… Everything just spoke right to your soul.

Become the best version of youself with this audio!

The reviews, certainly, are amazing. And the surprising thing is that people seemed to use the mantra on so many different occasions. And it felt perfect for every one of those.

Whether it was meditation, relaxation, massage, walking, sleeping, self-hypnosis, lovemaking, reading, yoga, pilates… It works for everything.

Is The Journey just a scam?

I know what you might be thinking – it all just sounds too wonderful to be true. Or maybe you are not sure that this kind of thing will work for you because you have never used anything like this?

Well, I can calm you down, no matter which category you are. What the author can propose you is a 100% 60-day money back guarantee. What does that mean?

Well, as soon as you decide to buy The Journey you have exactly two months to listen to all the mantras for yourself. 60 whole days to understand whether this works for you or not. In case it doesn’t – you will be getting every single penny back without any questions asked. Isn’t that great?

Well, judging the reviews you will not be needing this guarantee, but just so you know 😉

Become the best version of youself with this audio!

By the way, the tracks won’t take a lot of time out of your day either. You can just listen to them for a couple of minutes every day and you will surely be soon seeing the result.

You now have the chance to finally reach a mental balance. To relax. Take a moment for yourself or a simple break, after all, life is running so fast nowadays and we all deserve to step back at least once in a while. And, taking into consideration, that the whole purchase is absolutely risk-free – I see no reasons why you shouldn’t at least try out The Journey for yourself.

Find out how you can get on the Journey, and use powerful music tracks loaded with mystical Ho’Oponopono phrases to achieve success!

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  1. I haven’t heard this word as well. Good thing I come across your article. It now became an interesting topic for me considering that it’s an art of healing.

  2. Jerry Hartley

    It is very clear and turns to be the best thing i have found. Is really helping me deal with a lot of things in my life. Relieving stress and helping me focus.

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  4. I find that a combination of the various methods is especially effective. One thing this book points out with more emphasis than the others is the principle that we’re all connected at the spiritual level, i.e. the collective consciousness. When we change ourselves, it ripples out to others.

  5. They emphasize that this is not the latest fad in customer service, but a complete cultural shift that, when executed right, can have great impact on an organization’s bottom line.

  6. Thank you for helping me to get on the right path. This was the easiest book on the subject to understand. Very useful in assisting with following this practice.

  7. This is great and small enough to keep in my purse. I am using Ho’oponopo on my weight issues… telling the parts of my body that I don’t like (cellulite, fat) that I love it, thanking my body…. It is weird…. I am motivated to eat less and exercise more… by loving my body instead of hating it. Ho’oponopono can change your life.

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